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Derma Dr. Lab

Derma Dr. Lab, in pursuit of skin with natural beauty, based on professional dermatologists’ expertise on skin by using more scientific approaches with state-of-the-art Bio Technologies, fundamentally solves skin troubles suggesting the best solution for them.

Derma science by Dr.G realizes true science for healthy skin.

Bio Science Ferment Complex TM

With advanced fermentation science, natural ingredients are decomposed to even smaller micro particles to promote
rapid and deep absorption to skin, delivering active components deep in to skin

Natural fermentation eliminates the toxic matters within ingredients and extract active components such as amino
acid and anti-oxidant substances, thus reducing stimulation and enhancing moisturizing / antioxidant ability of skin

Natural recovery of damaged, aged skin by reinforcing skin shields and resistance to external elements

Multilamellar Matrix System TM

High technology that resembles the structure of ingredients of skin lipids

Resembling the ingredients and structures of skin lipids, the Multilamellar Matrix System delivers active components to skin directly

Applying the ISLCE TM (In-Situ liquid crystal emulsion technology) containing intercellular lipids, the liquid dosage form has intercellular lipids based ingredients with rich moisture, which is more stabilized than generic emulsion dosage forms due to its “pro-skin” biomimetic technology.

Innovative technology that reinforces the skin shields and minimizes loss of moisture, while delivering active components to skin deep and fast.

3NMF (3 kinds of natural moisturizing factors)

Oligo HA+ (Moisturization) , Ceramides (Skin Barrier reinforcement) , Cholesterol (Texture improvement)

Supplementing natural moisturizing factors in the lipid membrane, to improve protective shields on irritated and damaged skin

The factors help maintain sufficient moisture on skin tissues, providing moisture to rugged/dry skin and suppressing evaporation of moisture

Firmly settled down as composing substances of skin shields, NMF strengthen them and block external harmful substances

What are Natural Moisturizing Factors?

1. Matters inherent in skin that compose skin tissue

2. Maintaining moist skin with moisturizing ingredients inside keratinocyte

3. Deciding the ability of skin to contain moisture

4. Increasing the elasticity of keratinocyte